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Violation Takedown User Guide


Description of the service

With Violation Takedown; copyright infringements will be taken from the internet, search engines or social media platforms.


Easy setup and hardly any operation time

Large volumes and easy to scale up

Anytime, anywhere and any device access to the user friendly portal

Customized user experience

Powerful filters to drill down results


Users can be linked to countries and customers

Customized reporting for every user

Easy downloading, sharing and API access


Online and offline support available for all your users

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Settings other general info

I lost my password. What to do?

Please leave a ticket for our helpdesk with your request.

Who can access the Takedown tab?

Only administrators have access to the Takedown tab. If you want access, please contact your administrator. The administrator can be found on your profile tab (the tab with your name).

What is a copyright infringement?

We consider a copy a copyright infringement if the match percentage is at least 90%.

I would like to receive a customized report.

Each user can have a customized report made which is sent periodically (per day or month) by email. Request your custom report by leaving a ticket for our helpdesk.

I want to link countries or a region to my profile.

That is possible. Please leave a ticket for our helpdesk with your request.

Are there any restrictions on the number of Takedowns?

We work with a fair use policy. If you want to have removed more copyright infringements than what is reasonable, we will determine together what needs to be done.

Domain overview

How do I select a domain from which I want to have copyright infringements removed?

You activate a domain for Takedown by clicking on the button on the right side of the domain.

How do I filter a selection based on publication, country, iptc and date?

You use the filters at the top of the screen.

How do I see an overview of all domains selected for Takedown?

Set the filter ‘all domains’ to ‘Takedown activated’.

How do I select a specific domain for Takedown?

Use the search box at the top left. It is best to enter a domain name without extensions.

A domain is not in the overview. How did that happen?

First check your filters. It is also possible that the domain has a status (such as customer, lead, source or advertiser), and therefore may not be selected.

If I activate a domain, when will the copies be deleted?

Copies are removed in batches. We also carry out an audit. You will always receive a message before we take action.

If I deactivate a domain, what happens to the copies I have already selected?

Those copies keep the status that they need to be removed, so you don’t have to select them again. However, they are not included in the batch. This way you can prepare removals quietly without the risk of the removal taking place immediately.

Match overview

If I select a copy, what happens?

Nothing at first. You can also de-select the copy again. If the batch is built up for Takedown, we will go through the copies that have to be removed with you, just to be sure.

I don’t see the copy I was looking for. How is that possible?

Check your filters. In addition, keep in mind that you only see copies with a match of at least 90%.

I don’t see copies older than a year. How is that possible?

We do not delete copies older than a year and that is why you do not see them in the overview.

What does it mean if a copy has the status ‘takedown completed’?

This means that the removal has been performed.

Can I still undo a takedown that is in the process?

That is not possible.

How can I see the totals of what I have selected, what is being processed and settled?

To see that, click on the ‘View total per newswire’ button.

How long does a Takedown take to complete?

That can go very quickly and take a long time. It depends on the willingness of the counter-party. We will keep you informed if it takes longer than anticipated, so that you can take any follow-up actions.

I have a question that is not answered here. What should I do?

Leave a ticket to ask your question. If there is urgency, we will contact you as soon as possible. If not, we will contact you within one working day.

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