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Practical information

I lost my password.

You go to the login page of the app and request a new one. You will then receive an email with which you can set a new password yourself.

I want to access my company account, but I don’t have access yet.

Send a request (select ‘I cannot login’) and we will get to work.

I need help building or changing a report or dashboard.

Learn all about reports on this page.

We can always help you set up or improve a report or dashboard. Depending on the agreements made, we will charge costs for this. Send a request (select: ‘I need help building / changing a report / dashboard’) and we will contact you.

I think I see something that is not right in a report / the app / on the website

Thank you for seeing that. It is best to send us a ticket so that we can see what to do about it.

About our services

What services do you offer?

We offer various services, but on this website the focus is on 2 apps: Reverse Image Search and Reverse Article search. With these apps you can track down copies of your original articles and images. Useful for commercial and legal purposes.

I am interested in your apps. What should I do?

That’s nice! Send us a request (select ‘I am interested in’) and we will contact you. We will start with a video call to discuss the wishes and possibilities with you.

Tell me a little more about your pricing plan.

Our rates are based on credits. With a credit you buy a search for the Reverse Image Search and Reverse Article Search apps. If you purchase more credits, you pay less per credit. We also use an hourly rate of 90 euros for custom work.

About Matchhamster

Tell me a little more about Matchhamster.

We are an independent Dutch company. We help you with information about copyright protection, and offer solutions for the protection of copyrights.

Who is the Matchhamster that I regularly come across on the website?

Our mascot is called Brandon. He can often be found on the website, and that will only increase in the near future. We believe that Brandon is best able to explain copyright.

Do you also do interviews and lectures?

An interview is always possible. We occasionally participate in lectures and discussions. It is best to present the case to us. Send a request (select: ‘I have an interview request’).

What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact us is to sent a request. It is not possible to call us. If necessary, we can schedule a video call.


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