IP ownership can be hard to prove. Registered IP gives indisputable proof of the integrity, date of publication and ownership of your creative work.  That’s not only pleasant for the owner, but equally useful for third parties using IP.

The procedure to define who owns IP is not clear. By registering content to a blockchain, creators can obtain tamper-proof evidence of copyright ownership. A blockchain transaction is immutable, so once IP has been registered to a blockchain, that information cannot be lost or changed.

About the tool

  • A technology-based IP registry where IP owners have hashed digital certificates of their IP.
  • A management system that can be used to catalogue and store original works.
  • An efficient foundation for the removal of copyright infringements.

Checklist (if yes, this is for you)

  • You make or own unique digital content.
  • Your content attracts third parties.
  • You sell, license or share your content.
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