Registration of your creative work on a public blockchain for decentralized proof of ownership.

Why register?

Are your news stories and images unique and therefore copyright protected intellectual property?
Is your intellectual property attractive for third parties to (re)use online?
Is it your core business to sell, license or share intellectual property?

The digital assets you create and own are easily distributed online. This makes them an easy target for intellectual property theft or copyright infringements. By registering your digital IP on the public blockchain you can deliver indisputable proof of the integrity, date of publication and ownership of your creations.

The blockchain: what is it?

Blockchain is not a cryptocurrency, programming language, cryptographic codification or Machine Learning technology. It is a sequence of blocks or groups of transactions that are chained together and distributed among the users. It works as an immutable record of transactions that do not require to rely on an external authority to validate the authenticity and integrity of the data. Any kind of information can be stored in the blocks.

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