Matchhamster B.V. – Privacy statement

Last updated: October 28th, 2015

Matchhamster B.V. values your privacy and will safely process and use your user data.

In order to safeguard your privacy, Matchhamster B.V. acts in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Names, email addresses and texts of the user are not made available to third parties. We use any user information we collect to improve our services.

You need an operation email address and unique password to use the service(s). Matchhamster B.V. does not have access to your password, as it is saved in an encrypted format.

You can pay with a credit card if you wish to use our service(s). Matchhamster B.V. does not have access to your credit card details. Our service(s) consists of providing you alerts. We can improve the quality of the alerts if you inform us of which country and which language holds your particular interest.

1. Who is Matchhamster B.V.?

Matchhamster B.V. is a company who has designed and exploits the Matchhamster app and the Matchhamster app. Our registered office is in the Rockstart building at Herengracht 182 in Amsterdam. Matchhamster B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 60812435.

2. Which user data is collected and processed by Matchhamster B.V.


You need to generate a personal account in order to use our service(s). You need to enter your first and family names and email address to generate an account.


Matchhamster B.V. will save all the matches. You can always find them and have them displayed in the way you wish by using the many filter options.

Automatically generated data

Matchhamster B.V. needs certain user details in order to provide you with an optimum functioning service (for example to provide a good display and security of the website/application). Matchhamster B.V. therefore collects automatically generated data on your use of our service(s). This user data consists of your IP address (the number of your computer/tablet that enables us to recognise your computer/tablet), the browser type (the computer program you use to view internet pages), the control system you use, the pages you view in the application(s) and “cookies”.

3. What are cookies and how are they used by Matchhamster B.V.?

Cookies may be placed on your computer/tablet during your use of the service(s) and these cookies can be accessed. Cookies are small data packages a server sends to the application or browser for the purposes that this application or browser will return the data to the server during a next visit. Our cookies cannot damage your computer/tablet (files).

Our services also function if you do not accept cookies. You must login every time. You can refuse cookies. However if you do accept the cookies, our service(s) may be more user-friendly.

Our cookies

When you use our service(s) our Matchhamster B.V. cookies will be placed. No third parties are involved with the placing and reading of these first party cookies. Only Matchhamster B.V. has access to these cookies. Matchhamster B.V. will initially place technical cookies which are necessary for the provision of the service. In addition, Matchhamster B.V. uses session cookies. Matchhamster B.V. also places permanent cookies, for example to remember your personal preferences. And finally, Matchhamster B.V. uses tracking cookies.

Cookies of third parties

Besides the cookies placed by Matchhamster B.V., cookies of third parties, i.e. third party cookies, are placed on your computer/appliance via the website and the application.

Mixpanel and Intercom

Matchhamster B.V. uses a Mixpanel for the purposes of collecting web statistics on the use and visit of the application(s). The visitor or user use the Intercom to contact Matchhamster B.V. online, e.g. via chat. These third parties cookies placed on your computer/appliance, based on your use of the application(s) are registered and used to implement any changes and improvements in the website (s) and application(s).

Mixpanel and Intercom are both Safe Harbor certified. We refer to the privacy policy of Mixpanel: and to that of Intercom:


Matchhamster uses Stripe for the online credit card payments. This party processes the credit card transactions without intervention of Matchhamster. (Stripe places cookies on your computer/equipment on the basis of which your payment details are registered.) The credit card details are not saved by Stripe or Matchhamster. Stripe is Safe Harbor certified. We refer to Stripe’s privacy policy:

Social plug-ins

Access is offered to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ via the application(s). Social plug-ins allow you to share your matches with others. If you use social plug-ins, then cookies are placed on your computer/tablet by third parties. These cookies are intended to optimise your experience as a user, but it is also possible for tracking cookies to be placed which track your surf behaviour on multiple websites and to establish a profile of your surfing behaviour.

The social media buttons on this website only contain links to the relevant social media pages. Matchhamster does not process personal details via these buttons. If you click a social media button, your personal details are processed by the relevant social media service.

Removing cookies

You can set up your browser to no longer receive cookies during your next visit to your service(s). It could be possible that you will not be able to use all the functionalities of our service(s) or that you do not have access to (parts to) the service(s). Please consult the instructions of your browser or the Help option of your browser for further information on these options.

4. For which purposes will Matchhamster B.V. use data about you?

Matchhamster B.V. will use data about you for the following purposes:

to enable your use of the service(s);

to recommend matches on the basis of your interests and use;

to ensure that you set up your account in a handy way;

to draw up anonymised statistical data;

to secure, amend and improve our service(s).

Use by third parties

Matchhamster B.V. will not make your personal details available to third parties without your explicit permission for direct marketing purposes.

Matchhamster B.V. can make your details available to third parties insofar as you have given your permission thereto with regard to a certain third party (e.g. an author who uses your press clipping) and/or insofar as these details cannot be traced back to you personally.

Finally, Matchhamster B.V. can make your information available to third parties if Matchhamster B.V. is obliged to do so on the basis of legislation and/or regulation, is required to do so following a court case and/or if Matchhamster B.V. considers it necessary for the protection of its own rights.

5. How does Matchhamster B.V. protect your personal details?

Matchhamster B.V. will take suitable technical and organisational measures to safeguard your (personal) data against loss or any form of unlawful processing.

6. Viewing, changing, improving or removing your details


If you wish to know which of your personal details Matchhamster B.V. has documented or if you wish to change these details, you can access them on the ‘settings’ page in the application. Here you can find all the information we have collected about you. Please send an email to if you have any questions in this regard. We will answer your question within one week.

Removal of details

After you have terminated your account, all your personal user details are removed.

7. Can this Privacy Statement be changed?

This Privacy Statement can be changed. Any changes are published on our websites and, and in the applications if the change applies to the current agreements. If you have any further questions about the Privacy Statement, please contact us by sending an email to