Do you have a clear idea who’s using your content online?

Monitoring the re-use of your written and visual content, gives a complete insight in who is using what, every minute of the day. Your Sales team gets deeper insights into customers and prospects, so they can make better and more deals. Marketing gets an overview of what region, country or segment is using what. Your legal team gets prove of who is mis-using your content. Corporate Communication gets a clear overview of the reach of messages among its online audience. Content creators get to understand what content works and what does not.

About the tools

  • We offer a tool for images and a tool for texts (new stories, public relation messages).
  • Multiple sources, newswires, channels and languages can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Automatic and continuous import as well as scan.
  • One contract / unlimited users.
  • Insight on many levels; original, copy, domain, organisation, geographical, segmented, newswire/channel.
  • Daily, weekly and/or monthly reports are included.
  • API integration to connect to your applications.

Checklist (if yes, this is for you)

  • You are a news company, public relations agency or team.
  • You have lot of content, too much to check manually.
  • You need to know exactly what is happening with your content online to get the most out of your content investment.
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