Monitor the web and measure the spread of images.

Why monitor your images online?

Do you want customers to pay for what they use?
Do you want to identify potential new customers?
Do you want to optimise your content to your customers needs?

Monitoring online gives you a complete insight in the (re)use of your intellectual property on the internet on domain level. Your sales department can check out usage by their customers. Marketing can identify leads. Your editorial team can learn about what content performs best. And your legal team can identify copyright infringements and IP theft.

How does image monitoring work?

  • We can import content automatically and continuously or investigate a single batch.
  • Results about matching content are available within 24 hours from the moment of publishing.
  • Data is provided to individual users via our reporting dashboard.
  • Your administrators decide what users can use the web app, and what is shown.
  • Data can be integrated in your system with API’s.
  • Filter results by country, domain and keywords.
  • Insight per domain.
  • Live view of original and match.
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