The world has changed greatly since the early twentieth century. Not the least because of the internet. But copyright still has a role: to increase creativity, enrich the digital landscape and strengthen society.

Copyright seems complex, and it actually is. There are rules and exceptions. And they are not the same everywhere. In this article we list a number of aspects of copyright.

Accused of copyright infringement? And now you have to remove the duplicate immediately. Maybe you are even asked to pay compensation for damage caused. What are your options?

Should you deal with  a copyright infringement? Why bother if you think the violation is not harmful. But before jumping to that conclusion it makes sense to check if you are losing traffic, sales potential or reputation. Eventually, if you decide to tackle the copyright violations, you can take a number of steps. let’s discuss them.



Duplicate content is a business generator. To use content strategies for duplicate content you need to know where duplicates are on the internet. If that is clear to you, we will give you a number of strategies to strengthen your revenue model.

The Internet has changed a lot for publishers. Publishers realise they have to adapt to the laws of the internet where the traditional revenue models are bringing in less money on the one hand, but offer plenty of new opportunities on the other. A paywall is one of them.

Websites that copy your content without permission do more than free piggyback on the efforts of your organisation. They appropriate traffic and thus income that – if there was no copy available – would have gone to your site. That’s why duplicates harm your online business.