Copyright infringement search

Worldwide effective copyright management for articles and images


Gain insight into the websites that use your content and have  the tools to make them pay for what they use

Copyright protected texts are frequently copied online without permission

We have developed search software to find online copies of articles and images.

Difficult to get insight in who is copying

You have all the information and tools to remove copies from the internet and search engine results.

Infringers do not pay financial compensation

We help you to propose settlements for compensation or enter into a sales agreement.

Game, set, match


We work together to understand your goals and we will create a game plan together to ensure you get started quickly and experience the value of Matchhamster.


During the collaboration, the wishes of your teams become clear and we set up the information they need.


With the information, your teams can get started in order to win the match.

We have automated the entire workflow.

See the Big Picture. Protect copyrights and sell more content. Available in most languages and countries.

Let’s talk and see if we have a match!

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