Article Monitor

Design a content business approach

Article Monitor is an essential tool for article distributors online.  You have an up-to-date overview of all urls on the web on which your articles have been (partially) copied.

By measuring the distribution of articles and converting them into clear reports, you get useful insights. As a result you identify key business opportunities and threats, leading to a potential improvement of ROI and reputation.

Know what’s working online

Editorial: content that matters

In the competitive online environment profit has become increasingly important. When articles are the core business, your editorial teams need to know which content catches on, and focus on the content that matters.

Sales: insight in customers needs

With premium information about content-use you see exactly what interests your customers. In addition, your marketshare on websites becomes clear. As a result your sales teams can expand existing deals.

Marketing: identify and qualify new opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities as they arise, by identifying the websites that use your content. Know what leads and channels are looking for and respond to that with a sound proposal.

Legal: copyright infringements mapped

Identify the websites that undermine your distribution model, and the position of your customers in search engines. Give legal the tools to build evidence against copyright violators.


Easy to onboard and functional to use

Article Monitor requires little setup, hardly any operation time and can handle large volumes.  The import and processing of articles is fully automated and takes place continuously. Your users have access to both online material and personal help.

Data is available through the user-friendly portal and also shared via reports and api’s. With powerful filters users can drill down data and customize their user experience.


PublisherArticle Monitor


per year

Other currencies: $1035 / £8101

Includes all articles from one publication or website.

Portal access, custom reports and support for 2 users.

NewspaperArticle Monitor


per year

Other currencies: $2185 / £1710

Includes all articles from one newspaper.

Portal access, custom reports and support for 5 users.

AgencyArticle Monitor


per year

Other currencies: $5750 / £4500

Includes all articles from one newswire.

Portal access, custom reports and support for 15 users.

Article Monitor is also available in combination with Takedown as part of Content-Protection package

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