Marcus van de Kerkhof

Automated IP protection with a personal touch

Matchhamster is a premium online platform that helps you protect your intellectual property. At Matchhamster we think that protecting IP is a prerequisite to ensure control over the distribution of content and products.

Control over distribution provides a solid foundation for improving sales and reputation. So take good care of your intellectual property, it is an investment that pays off.

Marcus van de Kerkhof, co-founder

Taking care of creative work

15 years ago we started Auxen, with the objective to help Dutch authors and publishers get a fair fee for their creatieve work. The name Auxen is derived from Auxin, a plant growth substance.

Auxen does to online content, what auxin does to a plant: it helps to generate growth. The value of online content starts to grow when people read it, link to it, talk about it and re-use it.

Matchhamster value
Matchhamster copy and paste

Online growth requires control over distribution

Online content has the potential to generate new and increasing value at any given time. The only condition is that content is not copy-pasted without permission, and maintains its exclusivity.

With our approach we contribute to the awareness that unique content has value. The chances of making successful online money with content greatly improve when you protect it.

Improving sales and reputation

In recent years we have shifted our attention from a reactive to a pro-active approach: protection is the base camp from which commercial and communication opportunities are identified and discovered.

Our role is to ensure that the base camp is in order, that everything is well protected and that the route to new opportunities is clear. We do this with reliable automated tools and our personal commitment.

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Solutions for content and products

A few years ago we changed our name to Matchhamster, because it expresses what we do at its core: tracking down copies of an original creation. From that core, we now protect content and products.

We have clients in nine countries. Companies in communication, e-commerce, law and publishing. If you want to know more about us, please contact me at