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Copyright protection simplified

Whether it concerns your blog, newspaper, e-commerce site, publishing house or media channel. It is very useful to know how to make copyright work for your articles, images, designs, music, software, podcasts or video’s. How do you get the maximum return from your creations? How do you prevent or end the use of your work by others without permission?

We help you with information about copyright protection, and offer solutions for the protection of copyrights.

Give creative work the opportunity to grow online

Online creative work has the potential to grow: generate new and increasing value at any given time. The only condition is that its not copy-pasted without permission, and maintains its exclusivity.

We strongly believe in a pro-active approach: If you have things in order, you have a smaller chance that you have problems at a later stage. So being a little prepared gives you all the time to focus on your work.

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Meet our mascot

Brandon is the mascot of Matchhamster. Copyright is basically simple, but applying it in your practice is less simple. In the coming months, Brandon will tell you how to apply copyright.

You already come across him regularly on this website. If you want to know more about us and our services, go to the FAQ page.