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Reports and dashboards

What’s a report

A report is a customized representation of information that is once or periodically sent by e-mail to 1 or more users. Matchhamster reports are (almost) always based on articles, images or videos, or a combination of these.

PDF and PNG reports

We send a PDF or PNG report from Klipfolio software to 1 or more email addresses. The report contains specific information that may be aggregated. The report is usually sent periodically (daily, weekly, monthly).

CSV report

A CSV report is created from a query on a database. The report is provided once or monthly.


A dashboard is a URL that displays a live report. You can view this report via a link and embed it in your own website or intranet.

Data options

Alert (or match)

An Alert is generated on the basis of a supplied article. The Alert is on a Domain. The Domain could belong to an Organization.

The Alert has a certain similarity to the linked original article.

  • The title can be (roughly) the same.
  • The texts are similar.
  • The copyright holder is listed on the url. This can be with the text or under an image.

You want to know more about matching and Alerts? Click here.

Alert-url (or copy-url / website-url)

The url / link on which we found the Alert. That’s always a snapshot. In other words: at the time of our research, the Alert was found on this url. Of course urls can change or be removed over time.

Alert-title (or copy-title)

This is the title of the Alert. This can be the same as the title of the original, but can also (slightly) differ. Infringers often change the title to prevent detection.

Alert-words (or match-words)

The number of words in the alert that match the words in the original article.


The article you provided to us by RSS/XML or upload.


The ID or Code that you have assigned to the article or image that we have received from you.


The title of the article as you provided it to us.


The number of words contained in the original article.

Category (or market segment)

The segments or categories in which websites van be categorised: clients, non clients, prospects, infringers and pending.

Copyright infringement

We speak of a copyright infringement if an alert is at least 90 percent equal to the original, and the Alert is on a website that is not a customer of yours.


The country where the website is located or the domain is registered. We generate this information based on third parties in combination with our own algorithm. No matter how careful we try to be; the info may be incorrect and is therefore not part of the agreement between you and us. If you see an incorrect website / country combination, please let us know!

Feed (or newswire / dossier)

This is the combination of articles as you deliver them; for example per language, subject or purpose.


The image you provided to us by RSS/XML or upload.

IPTC (or iptc-code)

The (first mentioned) IPTC code/category of the article supplied by you. If you have not provided a code, the app will investigate which code fits best.

Matchpercentage (match%)

This is the similarity in words between Alert and the original article. Sometimes the matchpercentage is lower than in reality. In that case, our crawler is blocked by, for example, a pop-up or paywall.

Organization (or business / company)

The name of the company that owns the website. We generate this information based on other suppliers. No matter how careful we try to be; the info may be incorrect and is therefore not part of the agreement.

Publication-date (or date)

This is the date on which the Article was published according to the information you provided.


A region is an economic or academic entity of countries. Think for example of MENA. The term MENA is used to describe the region consisting of the Middle East and North Africa, largely corresponding to the Arab world, but also including some non-Arab countries which, due to their cultural, religious and political history, the region (source: wikipedia).


The status of an original article, image or video in our system. That can be:

  • Deleted
  • Error
  • Processed
  • Queued
  • Queue
  • Scanned
  • Unprocessed

We will tell you the meaning of these statuses if there is reason to do so.


The video you provided to us by url.

Website (or domain)

This is the underlying domain on which the Alert has been published.

Practical information

I lost my password.

You go to the login page of the app and request a new one. You will then receive an email with which you can set a new password yourself.

I want to access my company account, but I don’t have access yet.

It is best to contact us using the contact form located at the home page.

I need help building or changing a report or dashboard.

We can always help you set up or improve a report or dashboard. Depending on the agreements made, we will charge costs for this. It is best to contact us using the contact form and we will contact you.

I think I see something that is not right in a report / the app / on the website

Thank you for noticing that. It is best to contact us using the contact form.

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