Analyze and understand data to take an empirical approach towards intellectual property decision making.

Why analytics?

Do you need a deeper and visible insight into the (re)distribution of your intellectual property per region, country, language or sales representative?
Do you need to have a better understanding how content is performing per country and per language?
Do you need to have a deep dive into the use of your IP by a customer or lead?
Do you need to provide your management with validated custom information?

Our Analytics give you the intelligence your teams need and answers the question how to benefit the most from the relation with the (re)distributor of your IP.

How does analytics work?

  • Monitoring data is used as a base for analysis and can be enriched with other data streams.
  • We work with a set of standard visual template reports that can be custom made according to your needs.
  • All data that is collected is presented in clear custom reports, that are shared with you realtime or on a periodic basis.
  • Share your reports with anyone you like and whenever you want.
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