Our mission

We find the information you need

Matchhamster finds the information you need. We are in the business of searching and analysing information on the internet.

Heraclitus, a wise philosopher, long ago told us that “one cannot step into the same river twice.” The web is like that river. Constantly on the move, with large amounts of new content every day. Heraclitus most famous theorem is ‘Panta Rei’; everything flows.

Nothing is set and done forever, and certainly not on the web. You probably usually find your way on the internet. But sometimes you can use help in finding your destination. Then we can be of value to you.

Our services

We help protect your business, make better products and develop your market

Our services consist of three components: business protection, product optimization and market development. Let’s explain that with an example. The picture shows a specialty store. Let’s imagine it is a pastry shop.

Each pastry is made with knowledge, passion, time and raw materials. The result may well be a unique product. The cakes remain unique if you know who is copying them and you ensure that this stops. In other words:  you want to protect your recipes; your copyrights!

Now suppose you write about baking. Your blogs are about recipes, techniques, nice cafes and suppliers of good raw materials. That’s a lot of work! It is nice to know which content scores and which does not. In other words: content optimization!

Finally, it is also very nice to know who talks, writes, vlogs or communicates in any other way about your case. This allows you to address threats (negative messages) and opportunities in a targeted manner. You can already see it coming: Market development.

Matchhamster unique

What makes us different?

Accurate, actionable and attached

Of course we want to do our job well. But everyone wants that, right? Our strength lies in our ability to focus on your question or problem. Perhaps your needs are slightly different from what we offer as standard. No problem! Then we deviate from the path and look for the answer to your question. You can count on us to carry out your assignment in line with our principles Accurate, actionable and attached.

Accurate stands for the quality of information: correct and detailed. Actionable represents the practical value of the information. You must be able to work with it immediately. Attached relates to the relationship between you and us. We want to help you with your question.

Were are we coming from?

Grow to the beat of life

15 years ago we started in Eindhoven. A city in the Netherlands. Copywriters, photographers and journalists asked for our help in detecting copyright infringements. Because the number of customers grew strongly and more and more large customers were added, we had to automate our process. In the years since, we have become increasingly adept at finding information on the internet. And as you already understand, much broader than in the context of copyright protection.

The name Matchhamster sometimes causes confusion. But that does not matter. We think hamsters are nice creatures. More important: we really enjoy using the internet to match the need for information to the delivery of information.

Matchhamster value
Matchhamster the world

Where do we go from here?

Solutions come from collaboration

We are interested in what you want to know, but what the internet does not help you with. And of course we like it if you are interested in our services. Together we can come to the answer to your questions. Thanks to the internet!

We invite you to contact us. Asking questions is healthy and costs nothing. Who knows what we can do for each other. See you soon!

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