Matchhamster provides companies in news, legal, e-commerce and public relations with digital intellectual property solutions to strengthen their business models. We offer scalable, automated and user friendly services for the registration, monitoring, analysis and protection of intellectual property online.
Our aim is to make sure the creator of work is in control over the distribution of intellectual property on the internet.
Matchhamster’s house of creative work

Our services work in many languages and import formats. Matchhamster manages the whole process; the client only has to decide what IP needs to be managed. We distribute data in web applications, API’s and reports. All users can be provided with a personal dashboard. We provide personal service: by mail and video call.

We believe control over digital intellectual property distribution should be a natural part of the strategy of any company.

We have ten years of experience in digital intellectual property services. In 2008 we started as the Dutch infringement guard for online newspaper content. Since then we have cooperated with more than 100 customers for which we have processed 12 million text stories and images. In addition, we made a major contribution to changing attitudes towards plagiarism and paywalls. Not least through removing 50 thousand copyright infringements from the internet and search engines.

Matchhamster has full ownership over the software and procedures that are developed by our agile teams. Matchhamster is established in Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It is privately owned by its founders and investors.

Request an interview or speaker for your event

Matchhamster is always looking for opportunities to share its experiences and practices about online intellectual property with new audiences.

If you are hosting an event and your guests are interested in someone from Matchhamster, please sent us an e-mail and we’ll discuss how we can help. In some cases we do request a speaker fee and budget for travel or lodging.

Please contact us at info@matchhamster.com


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