our mission

Helping creators to develop value by converting unique creations into intellectual property

The internet didn’t make content less valuable, just easier to miss out on it’s value.


Clean up the internet

We started in 2007 at the request of a group of journalists and illustrators. On behalf of them, we removed copyright violations with the aim to clean up the internet. In addition, we made sure that they were compensated for lost income. In the years after we also went to work for publishing companies. To to be able to handle large content streams, we built our own internet scanner.

Protect revenue streams

At the time, many people and organisations felt that content on the internet should be copyright free. It took a lot of work to change the mindset about online copyright. We have succeeded. Together with us, many of our customers now have successful online revenue models, like paywalls and licensing.

Give insight to improve content value

Because we now have so much experience with online intellectual property, we now also contribute to research and analysis.



Helping creators 

We think creativity is essential to enjoy the fruits of your work, and to appreciate the work of others. Let creative people focus on what they like and can do best. Then we help them with the necessary protection of their work.

Develop value

We think that the creator should decide where work is shown. We are there to obtain and retain control over distribution of unique content based in the maker’s wishes.

Converting unique creations into intellectual property

We thinks that unique creations will only be perceived as intellectual property if the user is convinced that the work belongs to someone else, and that permission must be sought for this or a fee must be paid.  By being transparent about the creator, how the creation may be used and how (copies of the) the creation can be obtained, this can be achieved.


Matchhamster works with companies in news, legal, e-commerce and public relations.  With some of them we go back more than 10 years.


We provide our customers with tools for the registration, monitoring, analysis and protection of online content. Tools that give control over the distribution of content over the internet, and therefore strengthen the business of our customers.

Yuri Martens

Business Development

 “I am responsible for business development, online marketing and sales. Therefore I am primarily the first contact for our clients. I provide them with information and advice on our tools. My biggest challenge is to have (potential) customers become just as enthusiastic about what we have to offer.  Please contact me at yuri@matchhamster.com if  you want to know what Matchhamster can do for you.”

Marcus van de Kerkhof

Product Owner

“I believe creativity is essential to enjoy the fruits of your work, and to appreciate the work of others. That is also the key idea which brought about Matchhamster. It is my goal to put smart solutions in the service of creative and innovative people. I keep a watchful eye on our customers’ experience, be it large clients or independent publicists. So, if you have any questions or want to let us know how you feel about our services, please don’t hesitate to contact me at marcus@matchhamster.com”