Helping creators get fairly rewarded by converting unique content into intellectual property


Matchhamster works with companies in news, legal, e-commerce and public relations.  With some of them we go back more than 10 years.


We provide them with tools for the registration, monitoring, analysis and protection of online content. Tools that give control over the distribution of content over the internet, and therefore strengthen the business of our customers.


Once upon a time there was no internet. 25 years ago there were only 130 websites total, Google wasn’t even around yet.

Nowadays there are 20 billion websites, and mostly all of them contain written and visual content. Potentially,  this content  is subject to being copied through the oldest and first trick you probably learned on a computer :”copy/paste”.

In 2007 we started as infringement guard for journalists and illustrators in the Netherlands, because their work was increasingly ”copy/pasted”.

Nowadays our clients are some of the biggest content creators worldwide.  

In recent years we have worked on making our services scalable and easy to use.



We think obtaining and retaining control over distribution of online content should be a natural part of the strategy of any person or team that creates unique content.

However in many cases, content is the are the heart of the businesses, but the people that should know have no idea what is happening to their content once it’s online. Who is re-using it, where is its used and for what purpose?

Our goal is to transform unique content into intellectual property to help creative people and teams get a fair fee.