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Do you create products, designs, articles, photos, illustrations or videos? Or do you represent people and organizations that are involved in this? Then we can help you with our apps, experience and network.

Matchhamster makes copyright simple with easy to use applications, comprehensive information and a large network of IP specialists. We share our 15 year experience to help you prevent and resolve copyright problems.

Give creative work the opportunity to grow online

Intellectual property in the online domain has the potential to grow in value.  An important condition is that its not copy-pasted without permission, and maintains its exclusivity.

If you know how your work in the online domain relates to the work of others, you can better anticipate and prevent problems at a later stage.

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Apps for realtime copyright protection of content and products

With our apps you can see which texts and images on the internet resemble yours. You can also do that manually with Google, but we can research and build up much more information at the same time.

We have made the processing of data and the sharing of information as simple as possible for you and the people in your organization. We share the information with you via our apps, reports and real-time dashboards. That way you are always up to date.

15 years of experience to prevent and resolve copyright issues

We are not lawyers. However, we have built up a great deal of experience in the field of copyright protection over the past 15 years. We are strong in providing practical solutions that help you determine your copyright policy.

Contact us about copyright questions. Think of building a file, removing copyright infringements from the internet and social media and other practical matters.

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A worldwide network of knowledge

Copyright is a bit the same everywhere, but nowhere exactly the same. That means that you sometimes need the help of a law firm that understands everything about intellectual property on the one hand and your specific position on the other.

Over time, we have worked with trusted legal advisors worldwide, and can connect you with these experts.