The internet is growing rapidly every single day. More content is being created then ever before. However large content companies like publishers and news agencies have business models that are under pressure, are not in control of online content distribution and have more work to do in less time. At Matchhamster we understand their struggle and we believe we can be a powerful ally by delivering business intelligence that helps their marketing teams make the right decisions to improve results and grow the company.

Our goal with Matchhamster is ambitious: provide Content Companies with the best tools to grow: easy, fast, more accurate, more user friendly, better reporting and for the right price.

  • Analyze content performance and benchmark it across the Internet and Social Web.
  • Discover influencer channels, leads, plagiarizing websites and much more.
  • Measure content consumption and understand what works and what doesn’t.
  • Share your reports with anyone you like and whenever you want.
  • Save time and focus resources on producing content that works.
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