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Who is Matchhamster?

Matchhamster is a premium online platform that helps you protect your intellectual property. We focus on personal support, knowledge sharing and easy-to-use automated services.

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Content Protection

When content is your business you need control over distribution. We give you insight in all the websites using your content. In addition, copyright violations are removed from the web.

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Product Protection

You need control over product distribution. With Product-Protection you have three research tools: launch, distribution and origin. They help protecting your product during its entire life.

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Article Distribution

article monitor

Get insight in the full and partial re-use of articles on the web and identify opportunities and threats.


Image Distribution

image monitor

Have an up-to-date insight into all urls on the web on which your images have been copied.


Copyright Infringements

takedown copyright infringement

Copyright infringements removed from the web, search engines and platforms.




 Get control over the distribution of products with Launch, Distribution and Origin research.

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